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Matthew Maroun

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Biography and Interests

I am a third-year graduate students interested in Higgs physics and in software for data analysis in HEP. I’ve been involved in the validation and training of the new CP Algorithms tools, which is the new standard ATLAS software for application of calibration corrections and systematic variations in analysis frameworks. More recently, I started developing a experiment-independent project with the ROOT team for the implementation of Neural Simulation-Based Inference in RooFit and to address the more general challenges of creating Asimov (expected) results in unbinned analyses.


  • Implementation of CP Algorithms in ATLAS analysis frameworks
  • Text-based configuration for CP Algorithms-based analysis frameworks
  • Software infrastructure for neural simulation-based inference in ROOT
  • Tools for Asimov construction in unbinned analyses

Recent Accomplishments

  • Performed numerical validation of the CP Algorithms tools
  • Tutorial lectures on the usage of the CP Algorithms tools
  • Implementation of Neural Simulation-Based Inference analysis in RooFit


  • Verena Martinez Outschoorn (UMass)
  • Rafael Coelho Lopes de Sa (UMass)

Traineeship dates