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Elliott Kauffman


Biography and Interests

I am a second-year graduate student at Princeton University working in the CMS group and advised by Prof. Isobel Ojalvo. Previously I was working with IRIS-HEP on a Primary Verted Finder Algorithm known as PV-Finder. PV-Finder is a hybrid deep learning algorithm which identifies primary vertices. This algorithm was developed for use in conjunction with the LHCb detector in Run 3 of the LHC, which will experience a luminosity that is 5.5 times that of Run 2. In LHCb data, the efficiency of the CNN has inreased from to 90% to past 98% over the course of the past few years. The success of PV-Finder motivates its extension to both the ATLAS and CMS experiments. This project is concerned with the adaptation of the PV-Finder algorithm to ATLAS and CMS.

Now as a student at Princeton enrolled in the TAC-HEP program I have taken Introduction to programming systems. This class includes modular programming, advanced program design, programming style, test, debugging and performance tuning; machine languages and assembly language; and use of system call services.

I am interested in how the field of high energy physics motivates advances in computing. I am currently working on a fast anomaly detection using machine learning in the CMS L1 Trigger.


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