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Patrick Gartung

Fermi Nationial Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL)



Patrick Gartung is a senior developer at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab). He completed a Ph.D. in Physics at University of California, Riverside in December 1998 with a disseration on data from the Dzero experiment at Fermilab. Before becoming a developer at Fermilab in August 2005, he worked as an assistant professor of physics at Bendictine Univerity, a software support analyst at Northern Illinois University, a member of technical staff at Lucent Technologies, a postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Riverside working on the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment tracker outer barrel (TOB) construction and at Northwestern Univerity working on the CMS experiment forward pixel detector (FPIX) construction. At Fermilab he worked as the CMS software support person for LHC physics center (LPC) installing CMSSW software releases on the user analysis facility (UAF) shared file system and answering questions about the CMS software development environment. He moved on to support the software development environment for Fermilab experiments as well as the CMS experiment.

Project interests

Patrick Gartung is interested in software development tools and software build frameworks. Activities include:

  • Profiling of CMS software
  • Optimizing CMS software
  • Traning users in the use of software development tools like profilers.